Integrated Village Sustainable Development - ISVD

Title of the Project
Ensuring Sustainable Livelihood of Adivasi and Dalits in 4 G.Ps of Subdega Block through watershed and sustainable agriculture
Duration of the Project From: 01/01/2015 to 31/12/2017
3 years
Project Area 4 G.Ps of Subdega Block in Sundargarh District, Odisha, India
Supported By Andheri-Hilfe, Germany

Samajik Seva Sadan has been working on integrated sustainable village development project in Dhenkanal covering 48 Adivasi & Dalits villages promoting sustainable agriculture, agro-intervention, water-resource conservation, skill training, government programmes and schemes awareness under this project.

Capapcity Building

The SSS Staff had extensive Capacity Building Training Programmes for their Board Members and Staff on Conceptualise, Plan, Manage and Monitor different aspects of the ISVD Project. They had capacity building training on Organization Policy Development, Vision, Mission Setting, Concept of Model Village, Advocacy and Monitoring, Result oriented Monitoring at Community Level, Financial Management, RBM & Developing Monitoring Tools.

Sustainable Agriculture

To ensure sustainable livelihoods for the farmers, SSS trained the farmers to help themm transform their land-use, water-use and pesticide and fertiliser use practices. SSS created awareness among the farmers on how they can realise greater economic benefits and protect their lands and livelihoods using environment friendly Bio Manure, Bio Pesticide and revive their traditional farming methods. They were also given training on Lac Cultivation and empowered to develop and disseminate IEC material.

The farmers were also trained on Green Fencing and about 38 families completed Green Fencing in 30 acres (total 12,500 meters) to protect their land for cultivation throughout the year.

Water Resource Conservation

The main objective of Water Resource Conservation component in ISVD project is create awareness among the target population on all aspects of water conservation. SSS took activities like construction / excavation and maintenance of wells, ponds and water harvesting structures.

Once awareness regarding importance of Water Resources Conservation was done by SSS, farmers actively involved in construction of Wells and they took responsibility for the purchase of materials like brick, stone sand and cement and contributed labour to complete the construction.

SSS Water Resource Conservation has helped the ST farmers in growing vegetable crops/cultivation throughout the year for their livelihood.

Skill Training

The objective of Skill Training is to empower the target population with income generating skills and supplementing their average income in a sustainable way. It also increases employment oppurtunities for the unemployed and under-employed youth, women and men in the target population.

SSS organised serveral Skill Training programmes like initiating a Tailoring unit in organising Training Programmes on Fitter and Electrician. SSS is happy that 100% Trainees for the Fitter and Electrical Training at GITC (ITI) have passed out and ahcieved skills and grades as per their trade syllabus in First Class Distinction.

For the Tailoring Skill Training, SSS has established a Tailoring Training Unit and successfully trained multiple batches of women candidates.

Government Programmes and Schemes, Awareness Generation & Implentation

Though the Government of India and the Odisha State Government have launched many schemes for the development of Rural Poor, there is no awareness among the rural communities about the Govt. Schemes.

SSS has been creating awareness among people about the Schemes and is helping them get organised, identify the problems in their community and undertake appropriate and relevant schemes to solve those problems.

SSS along with the support of the local communities have implemented Govt Schemes like Tube Well installations, Toilets construction in the 4 Gram Panchayats Target Population.

Government  Support/ Schemes Accessed by TG through United Effort :

  1. Village Road Construction : The target population took up Road Construction in the Target Area and constucted extensive connecting roads,concrete roads and mud roads to make their villages accessible and reachable.
  2. Farm ponds :
    Many villages of the 4 G.Ps got Farm Ponds constructed under the Watershed Project
  3. House to  BPL families under IAY:
    Many  BPL holders  of villages  of 4 G.Ps got  Pucca House under IAY Sanctioned by Government through Subdega Block
  4. Drain construction    :   Drain construction in G.P vilages,
  5. Culvert construction:     In   Baisanbahal  village , Ghana Pada  in Jamuna G.P and  from  Babudihi to Tunguripada ,  from    Babudihi - Champeipada  in Kurumkel G.P
  6. AWC Building construction:     In Sargidipa Village of Subdega G.P
  7. School Play Ground Infrastructure development: In Sardarpada Village of Jamuna G.P  
  8. Pond Excavation: In Bhadrapada   village of Damkuda G.P through Subdega Block.