Gangpur Industrial Training Centre (GITC) at Sundargarh

Several years of our interaction with the people of Subdega in Sundargarh District we have realized due to lack of skills thousands of Adivasi and Dalit Youth desert their homes and go to different cities for yearning a living as farm labourers, construction workers, helping hand in chemical industries and to Goa for fishing. It was the earnest request by our target people that we open an Industrial Training Institute to skill the youth so that they can stay at or nearer to their home and engage themselves as a skilled workers. More over many Industries are being set up in Sundargarh and nearby District. There is ample opportunity of job for the skilled people. There are many ITCs in Sundargarh District, but due to the high fees and donation our poor Adivasi and Dalit children cannot get an opportunity to get themselves skilled. Thus we have ventured to open an Industrial Training Centre named Gangpur Industrial Training Centre (GITC) at Subdega, Sundargarh in the year 2010.