Organisational Structure & Human Resources

Organisation Structure

The General Body is the Supreme Body which decides the actual thrust of the organization and its focus. This has 16 members at present. A Governing Body of 7 members is elected by the General Body in every three years to manage the affairs of the organization. The Governing Body is responsible for the implementation of the policies of organization trough   the Director who is appointed by the Governing Body. The Body meets to discuss issues that need attention.

Human Resources

SSS is fortunate enough to have a very efficient and dedicated band of professional social workers who are implementing all the schemes and programs with full dedication and efficiency. We have 22 staff working with the community. Besides, 128 numbers of volunteers are associated with the organization are available if and when they are called in for their service.

Total Number
of Staff
Professional Staff Administrative Staff Field Staff
Male 12 Male 04 Male 02 Male 06
Female 12 Female 04 Female 02 Female 06
Total 24 Total 08 Total 04 Total 12